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 Rules of the Forum

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Dino Man155
Dino man155

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:24 pm

If you want to be part of the community you should read these rules. They will help you not get banned. Smile

Basic Forum Rules
No spamming--Including SMILEY-SPAMMING, which is this: pig rendeer cyclops Twisted Evil sunny Happy Dance! alien No Idea Evil or Very Mad rendeer santa Sleep pig bom Basketball bounce (I hereby limit 10 smileys per post)
No insulting comments
Try to limit cursing
No Name Calling
Use proper grammar--Not too formal
No inappropriate usernames just to annoy us. These users never post, so it's obvious to us.
Please do not start a whole topic on some one else's mods. This is a waste of forum space, and makes the creators of their work exasperated.
No double posts
Do not embed more than 3 videos in one post.
No useless posts; Eg.: One that has already been answered, or a remake of a topic, thanking some one repeatedly, etc. Doing this will result in deleting those posts. And no one-word posts that do not have a meaning. That's basically spam.
No one or two-word posting. That counts as spam.
No, and I mean NO illegal posting of games that WOULD cost money. We could get in a lot of trouble. And that also means NO talking about anything illegal
Failure to comply with these rules can get you banned.

All mods and skins must tell how to install or have a readme in the file
All Files must be in a .zip format
Anything you post here that is not yours MUST have the admins' permission for you to use it, and you cannot plagiarize and say it is your work.
Any mods or skins that are in progress go in the Junkyard. You should make an effort to get a screenshot.
Failure to comply will get any mod/skin sent to the Junkyard

Expansion Pack Rules
Any mod in progress will go in the Expansion Pack Development forum.
Must tell how to install or have a readme in the file
Must tell modifications
All Packs are in a .zip format

Avatar/Signature Rules
All avatars can be 250W x 250H pixels, AT THE MOST.
Signatures can be 450W x 250H pixels AT THE MOST.
(W stands for width, H stands for height)

Enjoy yourself here at Prehistoric Mods!
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Rules of the Forum
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